dimanche 27 juin 2010

Un danois en Chine retrouve son vélo deux ans après le tremblement de terre

 Ce matin, dans ma boite mail, heureuse surprise. Steen Trenckner, un danois rencontré à Mao Xian, donne de ses nouvelles. Son histoire est étonnante. En 2008, il entreprend un voyage en vélo à travers la Chine.il arrive à Mao Xian le 12 mai la veille du tremblement de terre. Il se fait connaitre auprès du professeur d'anglais du lycée local.

Survient la tremblement de terre ! Évacué en urgence par hélicoptère, il abandonne son vélo.

Deux ans après, il revient à Mao Xian. Il frappe à la porte de la maison où plusieurs famille chinoises se sont rassemblées pour fêter mon anniversaire. Dans une de ces familles, il y a la fameuse ex-professeur d'anglais. Au cours du repas de fête, les libations échangent les toasts en français, anglais, chinois et Qiang !

Qu'est devenu le vélo abandonné demande Stenn ? Le vélo réapparait le lendemain de la fête.

Le périple de Steen en 2008

I flew directly from Copenhagen to Beijing with SAS.  After 5 days I started out heading for Xi'an. From there I went on towards Chengdu. On my way to Lanzhou I was stopped by the earthquake in Sichuan 12.05.08.

Was evaquated by helicopter back to Chengdu without my equipment. From there I took a bus to Chongqing to sail for 3 days down the Yangtze River. By bus to Wuhan and finally by train to Beijing, where I (almost) caught the scheduled plane back to Copenhagen. The plane was cancelled, so I had to go via Stockholm.
The trip lasted from 02.04.08 to 30.05.08, 60 days.

GREEN: Route on bike
LIGHT BROWN: Route by bus and ship

Aller sur le site de Steen Trenckner

Le mail de juin 2010

Hi Francis.

We met in Maoxian in Sichuan, China on the 16th of april - remember? It seems ages ago.

I had a very successfull trip to China, I think. ALL OF IT. Returned back to Denmark on the 3rd of june.

Of all the strange things that happened during my trip, I think meeting you there in the temporary house was the most extraordinary. From being able to speak to noone in the morning, I had found my two "long lost friends" and was at this dinner party with you and your wife before the day had ended. Not bad I'd say.

The last evening of my first visit to Maoxian there was a knock on my door suddenly. Outside was the english teacher with - my bicycle. He never told me exactly how he got it, just answered the mysterious: "I made some phonecalls - and then....", so I don't know if he put himself into trouble by getting it for me.

During my trip I more and more felt like an explorer, exploring the chinese culture. The more I learn about China and the chinese the more strange they seem. All these contradictions...

It's all very quiet back in Denmark. The usual small problems seems BIG here. One day look like the other.
You have probably been back in France for long?

Best wishes from Denmark to you and your wife


Steen Trenckner

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